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China Telecom launches its first cloud offering in Brazil

The eSurfing Cloud services in São Paulo will allow customers to connect on a global multi-cloud network of more than nine public cloud nodes, 30 proprietary edge cloud nodes, and more than 200 CDN nodes.

How to develop a winning infrastructure monitoring strategy

A good monitoring strategy will also help organizations improve their overall performance and ensure that their systems run smoothly.

Security solution — Dahua Technology

This cloud-based security solution brings interconnection, integration, and interaction in monitoring operation and offers a wide range of products that have similar functions, minimizing the number of devices needed and saving installation and procurement costs.

Digital platform — Tsecond and TD Synnex

Tsecond is joining forces with TD Synnex to enable the digital transformation of enterprises and organizations by addressing the complexities of massive data capture, storage, processing, and movement from any edge to cloud environment or data center. 

Can the manufacturing industry future-proof end-user computing?

As we move forward, manufacturing and adjacent industries should consider leveraging new technologies and solutions that can help propel their digital transformations. 

Edge computing and smart grids — the perfect combination?

It’s imperative that companies work to integrate technologies that are more efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective as global emissions continue to rise. 

Where should all the data go?

Many mature enterprises are evaluating the applications and data sets which could be easily placed in public cloud — or easily updated for cloud suitability — and those which work better in colocation, essentially asking the question, “What goes where?”

Cloud management solution — SolarWinds

The shift to the cloud, hybrid IT, and remote workforces and the introduction of new tech tools has resulted in increasingly complex IT environments for organizations around the world and, as a result, technology professionals now have reduced visibility into their networks, applications, and infrastructures. 

Hybrid cloud solutions — SoftIron

HyperCloud delivers a platform for deploying virtualized, bare metal, and containerized workloads across private, on-premises zones, and public clouds with support for secure multitenancy, full programmability, and full life cycle automation.

Staying ahead as the cloud evolves

This shift to the cloud has reduced the burden and, in some cases, the costs for IT managers and enabled companies to provide an improved experience for customers and employees. But, that’s not the whole story.

Go-to-market strategies for small businesses in a cloud-first world

The cloud market has matured to a point where there is a vertical-solutions provider for nearly every business niche.

Cloud modernization: pitfalls, solutions, and lessons learned

A lot of things you think are trivial are not, especially when your software and applications may very well be either outdated, incompatible, or not supported by the cloud.

Shaping the future of accounting

Accountants no longer need to enter countless rows of data, manipulate complicated spreadsheets, reconcile accounts, manage expense reports, track down paper receipts, etc. Tasks that used to take hours or weeks can be done in minutes.

Cloud fabric — SoftIron

Independent of all public cloud vendors, HyperCloud enables IT generalists to build and operate highly sophisticated hybrid and/or multi-cloud infrastructures that operate with a level of reliability, availability, elasticity, and serviceability previously available only to hyperscale cloud builders with specialist skills and access to large engineering teams.

How to successfully migrate desktops to the cloud

Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) and virtual desktops have helped transform how employees work with ubiquitous and secure access to their business apps and data from anywhere, at any time.

Five best practices for cloud data protection

Companies can mitigate cyberattacks with adequate security controls and practices.

Sustainability starts with the building

To find out more about responsible design, Mission Critical sat down with Mark Heinrich, senior director of engineering at CPG.

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2022 Top Tier Products Winner | SECURITY

The CyberSecure Monitoring solution by SolarEdge is among the world’s first integrated hardware-based cloud monitoring solutions for critical power infrastructure.

Cloud fabric — Pluribus Networks

Cloud operators, including enterprises, cloud service providers, and communication service providers, now have a solution that enables them to evolve smoothly to a new cloud networking architecture and realize enhanced security, dramatically reduced complexity, lower total cost, and increased agility to safely accelerate their businesses at cloud speed.

Autoscaling is an overlooked opportunity in the cloud

Many organizations learn the hard way that, for all of the cloud’s great benefits, use that is not optimized typically leads to runaway costs for the unprepared.