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Meet Elevate AI Assistant

Boost workplace productivity and efficiency with AI

Elevate AI Assistant is a business productivity tool using Generative AI to help employees access information more easily and help with repetitive or time-consuming tasks. And, it’s built into the Elevate desktop and mobile application where all business communications and collaboration happens.

AI Assistant can be used for writing content, answering questions, calculating a formula, writing code, translating text, summarizing information, and much more. Because it sits right inside Elevate, users can access it quicker than leaving the app to go to a public Generative AI tool.

In an era where digital solutions are not just an option but a necessity, envision a partner that not only understands your needs but anticipates them. Introducing the Elevate AI Assistant: your futuristic ally in navigating the complexities of business communication and collaboration.

Beyond traditional support, the Elevate AI Assistant offers an expansive suite of services—crafting content, streamlining queries, enhancing code, translating languages, and distilling information into actionable insights. Its integration within the Elevate app ensures it's a natural extension of your daily operations, accessible with unmatched ease.

Elevate AI Assistant redefines real-time assistance, delivering prompt, precise responses to every inquiry. Whether it's adjusting responses, summarizing information, or crafting social media content, its capabilities are limitless.

Not confined to the desktop, the Elevate AI Assistant extends its prowess to the mobile app, offering unparalleled synchronization and mobility. Your data's security remains paramount, with stringent measures in place to protect your confidentiality.

Embrace the future with Elevate AI Assistant, a beacon of productivity and innovation in the Elevate UC ecosystem. Discover the zenith of AI assistance—ushering in a new chapter of effortless digital navigation.


Increases employee productivity by helping simplify daily tasks.


Easily accessible in the desktop and mobile app.


AI Assistant is designed so your data is not used for training any AI models.*