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Online Meeting

A comprehensive set of tools to enhance your virtual collaboration experience
Participants can join meetings through various audio options, either by phone or computer, and utilize screen sharing and annotation to make discussions more engaging and informative. Additionally, Online Meeting provides meeting transcripts, real-time note capture, and remote control capabilities, empowering you to collaborate effectively, no matter where you are.

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Explore our Online Meeting support video library!

Access a treasure trove of tutorials and guidance to make the most of your virtual meetings. Whether you're a seasoned user or new to online meetings, our videos cover everything from essential features to advanced tips and tricks. Elevate your virtual collaboration skills today by diving into our Online Meeting support videos.

Online Meeting Includes:

  • Full HD video: Supports 720 HD video conferencing for up to 12 webcams.
  • Audio: Participants can join any call by phone or computer using conference call numbers and PINS.
  • Screen sharing: Use screen sharing to show off important data or make your meetings more interactive.
  • Screen annotation: All participants can highlight important points during screen sharing in real-time.
  • Meeting transcripts and insights: Recorded meetings can be transcribed by the meeting host to identify actionable items.
  • Notes: Meeting notes can be captured in real-time and automatically sent to all meeting participants.
  • Remote control: Meetings improve collaboration by providing participants with the ability to control your keyboard and mouse.