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Apple announces three groundbreaking health studies

Apple’s support of the medical research community began with the introduction of ResearchKit and CareKit, which expanded the pace and scale at which healthcare could be studied and provided. Apple used ResearchKit to create the Apple Heart Study, which was the largest study of its kind and illustrated the impact virtual, large-scale studies can have on medical research by examining atrial fibrillation to provide validation for the irregular rhythm notification feature on Apple Watch.

“Women make up half of the world’s population, yet even today there has been limited investment in studying their unique health needs,” said Michelle A. Williams, a reproductive epidemiologist and dean of the faculty at the Harvard T.H. Chan School. “This study, unprecedented in scope, will greatly advance our understanding of the biological and social determinants of women’s health, and lead to better health outcomes.”

“This is an exciting opportunity for NIEHS researchers to contribute to the study design and use the resulting data to answer novel questions, not only important to women of reproductive age, but to women of all ages,” said Dale Sandler, Ph.D., chief of the NIEHS Epidemiology Branch.

“We are excited to be working with all the study participants and with Apple to identify the features of complex human physiology that lead to different outcomes in wellness or chronic disease, and to use this information to empower individuals to maximize their own health,” said Calum MacRae, the vice chair of Scientific Innovation for the Department of Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and associate professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

“At the American Heart Association, we are a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives, and we are committed to educating and empowering people to be proactive in all areas of their heart health and general well-being,” said Nancy Brown, CEO of the American Heart Association. “We believe that emerging technology solutions that seek to provide deeper health insights offer great potential in getting us there. We are collaborating with Apple and Brigham and Women’s Hospital on the Apple Heart and Movement Study to explore the correlation between a broad range of physical activities and a person’s overall heart health to ultimately understand risks and interventions to improve health.”

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Apple introduces new version of the most popular iPad starting at $329

Featuring a 10.2-Inch Retina Display, Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard Support, and iPadOS for Powerful Multitasking and Creative Capabilities

The new seventh-generation iPad packs even more value into the most popular, most affordable iPad model.

Cupertino, California — Apple today introduced the new seventh-generation iPad, bringing more screen area and support for the full-sized Smart Keyboard1 to its most popular and most affordable iPad. Starting at just $329, the upgraded iPad features a stunning 10.2-inch Retina display and the latest innovations including Apple Pencil2 support, the fast A10 Fusion chip, advanced cameras and sensors, unmatched portability and connectivity, ease of use and great all-day battery life.3 The new iPad is available to order starting today and in stores starting Monday, September 30.

Starting at just $329, the new iPad features a stunning 10.2-inch Retina display with nearly 3.5 million pixels for enjoying more than a million iPad apps, including the newest games in Apple Arcade.

“The new iPad packs even more value into our most popular and affordable iPad model featuring a bigger 10.2-inch Retina display, support for Apple Pencil and for the first time, the full-size Smart Keyboard,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of Product Marketing. “The new iPad was built to run iPadOS, which introduces powerful new ways to multitask, manage and mark up documents, use Apple Pencil and view more information at a glance on a redesigned Home screen. This new iPad with iPadOS takes everything people love about our most popular iPad and makes it even better for creating, learning, working and playing.”

For the first time, support for the full-size Smart Keyboard comes to the most popular, most affordable iPad.

Bigger Display in a Powerful and Portable Design

The new 10.2-inch Retina display iPad has nearly 3.5 million pixels and a wide viewing angle making it a vivid canvas for creative expression and perfect for immersive augmented reality (AR) experiences that take advantage of its enhanced cameras and advanced sensors. Featuring the powerful A10 Fusion chip, the new seventh-generation iPad brings up to two times faster performance over the top-selling Windows PC4 for powerful multitasking and smooth gameplay in Apple Arcade.

Designed to be ultra-portable and durable, iPad weighs about one pound and for the first time features an enclosure made from 100 percent recycled aluminum with the same strength, durability and beautiful finish as the aluminum in all Apple products.5 Staying connected is easy on iPad with ultra-fast wireless performance and support for Gigabit-class LTE connectivity — delivering three times faster6 cellular data connections.7 With Touch ID, unlocking iPad is simple and secure using just a finger, to keep important information safe.

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Apple TV+ launches November 1, featuring originals from the world’s greatest storytellers

Available on the Apple TV App Worldwide, Apple TV+ Will Be $4.99 per Month

Apple TV+ will be available on the Apple TV app in over 100 countries and regions on November 1.

Cupertino, California — Apple today announced Apple TV+, the first all-original video subscription service and home for today’s most imaginative storytellers, will launch November 1 in over 100 countries and regions. Apple TV+ will offer a powerful and inspiring lineup of original shows, movies and documentaries, including “The Morning Show,” “Dickinson,” “See,” “For All Mankind” and “The Elephant Queen.” The service will be available on the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod touch, Mac and other platforms, including online at, for $4.99 per month with a seven-day free trial. Starting today, customers who purchase any iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod touch or Mac can enjoy one year of Apple TV+ for free. Through Family Sharing, up to six family members can share one Apple TV+ subscription.

“With Apple TV+, we are presenting all-original stories from the best, brightest and most creative minds, and we know viewers will find their new favorite show or movie on our service,” said Zack Van Amburg, Apple’s head of Worldwide Video. “Each Apple TV+ original offers its own unique story, fresh perspective and powerful message — all meant to entertain, connect and inspire cultural conversations.”

“Apple TV+ is an unprecedented global video service with an all-original slate,” said Jamie Erlicht, Apple’s head of Worldwide Video. “We look forward to giving audiences everywhere the opportunity to enjoy these compelling stories within a rich, personalized experience on all the screens they love.”

All-New, Exclusive Originals

These Apple TV+ originals from the world’s most celebrated creative artists will debut on the Apple TV app on November 1:

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A message about iOS security

Last week, Google published a blog about vulnerabilities that Apple fixed for iOS users in February. We’ve heard from customers who were concerned by some of the claims, and we want to make sure all of our customers have the facts.

First, the sophisticated attack was narrowly focused, not a broad-based exploit of iPhones “en masse” as described. The attack affected fewer than a dozen websites that focus on content related to the Uighur community. Regardless of the scale of the attack, we take the safety and security of all users extremely seriously.

Google’s post, issued six months after iOS patches were released, creates the false impression of “mass exploitation” to “monitor the private activities of entire populations in real time,” stoking fear among all iPhone users that their devices had been compromised. This was never the case.

Second, all evidence indicates that these website attacks were only operational for a brief period, roughly two months, not “two years” as Google implies. We fixed the vulnerabilities in question in February — working extremely quickly to resolve the issue just 10 days after we learned about it. When Google approached us, we were already in the process of fixing the exploited bugs.

Security is a never-ending journey and our customers can be confident we are working for them. iOS security is unmatched because we take end-to-end responsibility for the security of our hardware and software. Our product security teams around the world are constantly iterating to introduce new protections and patch vulnerabilities as soon as they’re found. We will never stop our tireless work to keep our users safe.

Original author: Apple Newsroom

Apple’s largest store in Japan opens Saturday in Tokyo

Apple Marunouchi opens Saturday near the Imperial Palace and across from the historic Tokyo Station.

In the heart of the Marunouchi business district, Apple will open its newest and largest store in Japan across from the historic Tokyo Station this Saturday, September 7. Apple Marunouchi is Apple’s third store to open in Japan since last April as part of a multi-year retail investment and expansion in the country. Customers in Japan now have more space to discover Apple products, participate in a Today at Apple session or seek advice from a Genius.

“The opening of Apple Marunouchi marks a significant moment in Apple’s long relationship with Japan,” said Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s senior vice president of Retail + People. “Marunouchi has amazing energy and our teams can’t wait to welcome customers to our largest store in Japan for the first time on Saturday.”

Apple will host The Tokyo Creative Guild, a special 12-part Today at Apple series to celebrate the opening.

Apple’s fifth store in Tokyo features a unique facade, with two-story vitrine windows made from specially cast aluminum to obtain three-dimensional rounded corners. The first of their kind, the windows allow the vibrant street life of the surrounding area to connect with the store. Inside, native bamboo lines the window openings to bring the outside in. The double-height atrium in the heart of the store connects both levels and is the new home for Today at Apple in Tokyo.

Apple’s fifth store in Tokyo features a unique facade, with two-story vitrine windows.
Apple Marunouchi is the largest Apple Store in Japan.
At Apple Marunouchi, customers can get hands on with all of Apple’s products.

The store will host world-class creators to lead Today at Apple sessions, kicking off with The Tokyo Creative Guild, a special 12-part series to celebrate the opening. At Apple Marunouchi, customers can get hands on with all of Apple’s products, get technical advice and support, and unlock their creativity with Creative Pros.

Over half of the 130 team members at Apple Marunouchi join from Apple stores across Japan. Collectively the team speaks 15 languages and are ready to welcome visitors from around the world.

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Extending Our Innovation

Posted September 4, 2019September 4, 2019

By Sanjay Mirchandani

As a former CIO turned CEO, I can’t help but be excited about the rapidly shifting technology landscape. For years, IT leaders have tried everything to compress and minimize the cost, footprint and complexity of managing the ever-increasing deluge of data. I know, I was one of them.

These same leaders are now looking for innovative new ways to use this data to create forward-leaning, potentially disruptive opportunities for companies. To maximize the value of data, they’re moving to more flexible, scalable multi cloud environments; embracing DevOps for more agile development; and building cloud native, containerized applications to meet their company’s dynamic needs.

With thiscomes increasing complexity and data fragmentation across disparate, complexinfrastructure silos, storage environments and applications. Which makes itharder for companies to protect, manage, govern and use this data with theresources and skills they have today.

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Commvault Beefs Up Its Stack With Hedvig to Build An Active Intelligent Data Management Platform

Posted September 4, 2019September 4, 2019

By Christophe Bertrand

It is significant in many ways. It addresses fundamental infrastructure and operational issues both current and future, for its customer base and the market in general. It also demonstrates Commvault’s commitment to evolving its platform stack beyond traditional backup and recovery, tackling the technical and operational complexities introduced by hybrid and multi cloud environments.  

There is a significantstrain placed on enterprise IT to store, manage and protect all the dataorganizations need to deal with. Let’s face it: enterprise IT is onlygetting more complex and costly to manage as organizations become more and moredata-centric. Remember, there is no business without data, and no lastingbusiness without solid data protection. Our research is very clear aboutthis.

Zooming in on the management of dataprotection workloads, the complex interactions between the compute and storagelayers – combined with the multiplicity of “destinations” (on-premises, in thecloud, in multiple clouds) – makes is it extremely difficult to deliver dataprotection/management and operations efficiently at scale. This complexitypotentially negates the benefits of an elastic and flexible cloudinfrastructure – which is what organizations were trying to achieve in thefirst place. You can’t control or optimize what you can’t manage.

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Not A Question Of If, But When A Ransomware Attack Will Occur

Posted September 3, 2019September 4, 2019

By Doug Morris and Thorston Thorpe


There has been a significantincrease in the number of ransomware attacks and payments by organizations in2019.  Businesses of all types have been adversely affected by ransomwarecrippling productivity and consumer confidence. Technology leaders have nowbegun to plan for ransomware attacks, understanding that a paradigm shift from“If we get hit by ransomware” to “When we get hit by ransomware” isrequired.  The time to prepare for a ransomware attack is before ithappens.  In addition to traditional security measures that must beadhered to, housing critical business data in multiple secure locations is alsoof paramount importance.

Ways Commvault can help

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Commvault Goes To The Dogs At VMworld

Posted August 28, 2019September 4, 2019

By Chris Powell

If happiness is a warm puppy, move over Disney World: the happiest place on Earth this week is Commvault’s Data Therapy Dog Park at VMworld in San Francisco!

Anyone who has attended a trade show or conference knows it can be overwhelming and stressful (just like dealing with data issues). So, we thought, “What’s a new environment that provides data insight AND a way to decompress?” Our answer: Puppies.

Our Data Therapy Dog Park signals Commvault’s new approach to engaging with our customers in a more personal, approachable way. The response to the park has been, well, just adorable. From customers and prospects to San Francisco police officers (and even a few competitors who are working the show), it’s pretty obvious that it’s hard to resist a puppy snuggle. Check out some too-cute videos and photos on Twitter @Commvault.

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Commvault Data Management Extends To Microsoft Azure Ultra Disk At General Availability

Posted August 26, 2019September 4, 2019

By Randy De Meno

Collaboration extends to ensure the confidence of Commvault data management, protection and recovery to low latency, high IOPS Azure Ultra Disk

As Microsoft enters General Availability of its new Microsoft Azure Ultra Disk offering, Commvault is once again proud to show off our engineering collaboration with Microsoft.  The new high performing disk is focused on heavy I/O intensive workloads such as SQL, SAP, SAP/HANA and Oracle.

20 years of collaborative engineering and development continues

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NetApp And Commvault: Across ‘Any Hybrid Multi Cloud’

By Jeffrey Leeds

As the Commvault relationship owner at NetApp, I was delighted to be asked to guest blog the second of this series, kicked off by Nigel Tozer in his blog about NetApp’s “across every cloud” message.

With the vast majority of enterprise organizations either deploying or planning a hybrid multi cloud strategy, I’m going to make that my focus here.

Hybrid cloud – a strategy for today and tomorrow

The benefits for hybrid multi cloud look obvious, such as the agility, availability and elasticity that cloud brings, plus there are performance and economic advantages brought about by running the right workload in the right cloud. So if you’re thinking of running or extending this model, you’re not alone. Dave Bartoletti of Forester says 74 percent of enterprises already describe their IT strategy in this way1.

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Customers And Partners To Commvault: Have Your Cake (And Eat It Too)

Posted July 30, 2019August 19, 2019

By Sandy Hamilton

Based on a quick search at urban dictionary, we were able to defy an extremely popular expression in the first quarter by having our proverbial cake and eating it too (because, clearly, you can only have it so good and can’t have it all, as the definition goes on to explain).

That’s because, in addition to new customer deals in the first quarter, existing customers and partners came out in droves to share their Commvault data transformation stories – setting the stage for our annual customer event, Commvault GO 2019, in just a few months. 

We couldn’t be happier to hear from customers and partners because, really, they deserve the spotlight. Customers put their trust in us and our partners to help them modernize their infrastructure, deliver data readiness and leverage cloud to transform their business and solve hard problems. Hearing their success stories is so rewarding because our top focus is helping customers.

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Commvault Knows What It Takes To Be A Champion

Posted July 29, 2019August 16, 2019

By Chris Powell

At Commvault, we believe there are no greater champions than our customers. They look after the data others use and are a proud group defending it. In that spirit, Commvault launched our Customer Champions Program to showcase, celebrate and powerfully connect our customers.

The Commvault Customer Champions Program provides the benefit of camaraderie among like-minded technology leaders. It also offers a wide range of unique opportunities for customers to showcase themselves as thought leaders, boost their personal brand and grow their professional and social media connections.

It’s easy to join the Commvault Customer Champions Program. Customers can choose from a number of engagement levels that best suit their needs. We offer our Champions opportunities to participate in case studies, video testimonials, webinars, press releases, media interviews and speaking engagements. 

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Across Every Cloud: The NetApp And Commvault Alliance

Posted July 25, 2019August 16, 2019

By Nigel Tozer

In my 12-year tenure at Commvault, NetApp has been an ever-present technology partner, with integration deepening as both companies have expanded our respective value propositions around data. An alliance with NetApp makes perfect sense for both parties: we have complementary portfolios, a shared channel and pretty much the same list of major technology vendors that we count as key alliances.

Last autumn, NetApp and Commvault further strengthened our relationship with a new global reseller agreement, allowing NetApp to sell Commvault Complete™ Backup and Recovery and Commvault Orchestrate™. For this reason, I thought it would be worthwhile examining the joint value we deliver to our customers and align it to the three key pillars that underpin NetApp’s “Data-Driven” message. A swift visit to NetApp’s website will reveal that the first of these is “Across every cloud,” which is where I’ll begin in this first blog in a series of three.

Data driven in the cloud

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Multi Cloud Disaster Recovery In The Modern World

Posted July 23, 2019August 16, 2019

By Keith Townsend

With challenges such as integrating Kubernetes, serverless architectures and continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD) into current operations, why is backup a CTO-level consideration?

If your existing data protection company focuses only on backup and recovery, you are doing your organization a disservice. Today’s data protection landscape goes far beyond backup and recovery. Enterprise customers are leveraging data protection solutions to power CI/CD, make data available to Kubernetes and serverless landscapes, and to leverage public cloud for analytics/machine learning (ML). With all that said, the most immediate benefit of modern data protection remains modern disaster recovery.

Defining disaster recovery

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An Early Look at Windows 10 for Business

Microsoft's Tuesday's event was all about the enterprise; Redmond's meat-and-potatoes base. A first look at the Windows Technical Preview for Enterprise client and Windows Server Technical Preview show a host of cosmetic changes designed to appease business customers who were outraged over the UI of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, both of which were criticized as impractical in enterprise environments.

And has Microsoft taken heed! Windows 10 Enterprise client and Server are step backs to the mouse-and-keyboard user experience of Windows 7, but retain the many security, performance, and ease-of-management capabilities that Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 delivered. In fact, the latest server OS has many under-the-hood enhancements that IT professionals have demanded.

Though both OSes are in their nascent, preview stages, I took an early look and installed and configured the enterprise client and server as Hyper-V machines in an existing Windows Server 2012 R2 domain. During my test drive one thing became clear: Both operating systems are positioned to become potential darlings to Microsoft's vast business customer base.

Windows Server Technical Preview
As of Oct. 1, MSDN subscribers can download several flavors of the latest Windows Server, including the Windows Server Technical Preview, Windows Server Datacenter Technical Preview, and Microsoft Hyper-V Server Technical Preview.

The Server Technical Preview is available as an ISO image, which was simple to install on Server 2012 R2's Hyper-V. The first thing most will notice is that the tile-based Start screen is nowhere to be found in the interface. Instead, the desktop appears with the familiar Start menu of pre-Server 2012 OSes.

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ARM CEO Simon Segars Lays Out His Vision

SANTA CLARA—There's an old story about a distinguished thinker—in some tellings, it's Bertrand Russell, in others, it's William James—who is confronted by a little old lady after a lecture on the nature of the cosmos. The woman objects to the scientist's description of star systems and galaxies, proclaiming that in fact, the Earth rests on the back of a giant turtle.

The scientist laughs and asks, "So what is the turtle resting on?" Another turtle, comes the confident reply. And what is that turtle standing on? "Oh, it's turtles all the way down," the little old lady says.

ARM CEO Simon Segars has his own variation of the turtle theory, only it's a lot more rooted in observable reality. And instead of turtles, it's ARM-based computer chips, which he believes will one day go "all the way down" —managing data every step of the way, from inside the servers powering the cloud, through networking and communications hardware, and out to mobile devices, embedded systems, and IoT devices on the edge of the network.

I had a chance to catch up with Segars this week at the ARM TechCon developer conference, where, during his keynote address, he rallied the troops with a call for a new wave of "invisible technology" which will make our homes smarter, our cars safer, our digital communications faster and more secure, and bring the power of computing to more parts of our lives, as unobtrusively as possible.

What he didn't talk about much was mobile, the market segment ARM has famously conquered over the past decade. The U.K.-based firm's processor architecture is used in chips powering the vast majority of smartphones and tablets which have been sold around the world.

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DOE Awards AMD $32M to Research Exascale Computing

AMD will be developing an exascale node architecture using its own Heterogeneous System Architecture-based APUs.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded Advanced Micro Devices a $32 million grant for exascale computing research as part of the DOE FastForward 2 program, the company said.AMD will be developing an exascale node architecture using its own Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA)-based APUs and a "new generation of memory interfaces," the company said. The DOE's FastForward 2 initiative is intended to develop eventual commercial technology applications, the chip maker noted, so the IP "created as part of this research will make its way into various future AMD products."The DOE grant is the third in as many years awarded to AMD. The company's earlier research for the department includes work on interconnect architectures and massive processing node projects."This is a big deal for the industry. Exascale supercomputers will be capable of performing more than one quintillion, or a billion billion calculations per second, roughly 30 to 60 times faster than today's fastest available supercomputers," AMD chief technology officer Mark Papermaster said in a blog post."This research aims to deliver those huge increases in performance—without significant increases in energy consumption—to enable advances in diverse fields ranging from medical science to astrophysics and climate modeling. These could arrive as prototypes over the next several years, with full production units early in the next decade."Papermaster said he expected AMD's newly funded research into exascale computing to "aid any form of high-performance computing, including managing vast quantities of information for Big Data analytics and for rapidly processing the massive wave of anticipated Web requests."

Qualcomm Mulls Building Server Chips

Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf said Wednesday that the company intends to start building chips for servers using the processor architecture it has refined for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Mollenkopf, pictured, was speaking at an analyst event in New York. He said Qualcomm was "in a unique position" to take advantage of cutting-edge semiconductor fabrication processes in order to sell its products into the data center for the first time.

But it will be awhile before Qualcomm has any server chips to sell, said Mollenkopf, whose comments were first reported by Barron's.

"The high end of the smartphone and the tablet really are starting to merge with what would be feasible in the data center," the site quoted the Qualcomm chief as saying. "It will take us awhile to build this business, but we think it's an interesting business."

Barron's didn't offer many more details about Qualcomm's presumptive plans to develop server chips, but it's probably safe to assume the company is eyeing ARM-based processors like several other companies looking to challenge the dominance of the x86 architecture in the data center.

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PCMag Consumer Recommended Companies for 2014

Eight years ago, author and business strategist Fred Reichheld published The Ultimate Question: Driving Good Profits and True Growth. In it, he detailed the meaning of "bad profits," or a company that is making money while its reputation goes down the tubes.

It happens for a number of reasons: Misleading prices, poor customer service, or bad products. Customers feel marginalized, misled, and mistreated. As Reichheld says, "bad profits are about extracting value from customers, not creating value."

When it happens, customers can do two things: say nothing, or say something negative about the company. Only a lucky few brands actually get recommended by their customers.

Reichheld, working for consulting firm Bain & Company, helped create a metric to quantify this phenomenon. It's the Net Promoter Score, or NPS. It measures exactly how people feel about a business by asking one question: "How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague?"

Here at PCMag we do regular surveys for our Readers' Choice Awards and Business Choice Awards. In every questionnaire, we ask our readers that very question about the companies behind the products they use. Now, just in time for your holiday shopping, we've finished up the surveys and can share with you the tech companies most recommended by fellow readers, based on their NPS numbers.

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